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This association was started in Austria in 2013 by the Shaker family and in loving memory of Ingrid Shaker-Nessmann who was born in Villach on January 4th 1955.


After completing her hotel management and tourism studies in Salzburg, Ingrid moved to London in 1976 for work training and this is where she met her husband to be. She later started a family in 1985 and lived between her home in London and her family home in Seltschach/Arnoldstein.


During her lifetime she was a successful Artist, Linguist and Orientalist who travelled and lived with her husband for some years in London, New York and Saudi Arabia.


In 1998 she was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and during her long struggle she devoted her time and energy to helping several Charities and doing other Philanthropic work until she passed away in Villach on  January 4th 2004.

The Founders are:

Mohammed Shaker -Chairman

Tarik Shaker - Treasurer

Tamara Coulter (Born Shaker) - Secretary

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